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Access to Medicinal Cannabis for all Chronic Illnesses including Migraines

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My name is Sue and for the past 5 years I have been coping with Vestibular Migraines -basically I have a severe intolerance to any motion and hence that motion of any type produces a migraine, these migraines are fierce in pain and debilitating.

On a day to day basis my day consist of treating and coping with these migraines, by taking loads of drugs and over the counter drugs and now doing botox treatment reguarly so I can be moderately pain free and have somewhat of a lifestyle, which on any given day can go pear shape.There is an option of opiates medication that can be prescribed but not only are they very addictive they also make you into a zombie, again not really an option.  My next option to help with the chronic pain is Medicinal Cannabis and I was told by my doctor it is only available to people in Qld who suffer from epilepsy.

It is my hope we can change this policy so that all people young and old who would benefit from this drug have it readily available if needed thru your doctor.

It astounds me that in a progressive country like Australia we still have to do medical trials here, knowing full well that this drug has and does in other countries thru out the world has helped many people.

It is imperative this change happen so like myself and many other chronic pain suffers can have a better quality of life.

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