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Give her job back.

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I support Paula Dean getting her employment back and vindicated for the following reasons:
I feel this affects me on a very personal level. I share the same beliefs and love for mankind as Ms. Dean does. The attack on her integrity and persona seems to be of a inflammatory level, even if the charges were correct and true, which they are not. How does this affect me? If Ms. Dean is attacked in such a vicious manner, and being punished even before a trial has taken place; What does this say about the perilous state of our fluctuating judicial and legal system? I hold similar moral and ethical values. Will I be railed railed against in such an injurious and violent manner as well without proof or due process? It is not just the person, Paula Dean, I am in support of, it the ideologies surrounding this "case" if it can even be called that. It seems more like a modern-day witch hunt. If I stand idly by and say nothing to defend one who could just as easily be me, then I am no better than her false accusers. The lack of juris prudence in this situation is ghastly. I am infuriated by the very fact that someone's personal civil liberties could be so trampled upon while we yet have a US Constitution. I cannot call myself a Patriot or a citizen of this America and not support M.s Paula Dean. It would fly in the face of all good humanity. It is crucial that I be allowed to participate in supporting this woman for the benefit of expressing my own beliefs, and upholding the standards of justice that founded the Country Ms. Dean and I are both citizens of.
Thank you,
Kimarie Manhart-Freeman


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