Please write a letter to oppose housing project Azul 620 on Anderson Mill and RR 620

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Dear Representative Workman,

We are residents of Canyon Creek and its surrounding neighborhoods. As you may have heard, the city council recently approved a proposal to allow an apartment housing project, Azul 620,  to be built in the area directly behind the HEB on 620 and Anderson Mill (Application # 15308, Azul 620, 11411 N Ranch Rd 620). The proposed project will be more than a hundred apartment units.

We are deeply concerned about the negative effects that this project is going to bring to us and we strongly oppose it! We would greatly appreciate your help writing a letter in opposition.

A few key reasons that we believe you would want to support us in opposing this project are: 
1. Traffic on Anderson Mill and 620 is already at its breaking point. A new high-density housing development would further clog our already bumper to bumper traffic. With few sidewalks and no reliable public transportation, we do not have the infrastructure to support this development in our community. This proposal is going to endanger not only the existing residents but also the very residents that it could bring in.

2. The proposed project will be located just on the other side of the greenbelt area of Canyon Creek. It will destroy countless trees and cut down the greenbelt and trails.

3. It would be a further strain on our schools, classroom sizes, after school programs, buses, and so forth. Both Spicewood Elementary School and Canyon Creek Elementary are already over their capacities.

4. There are multiple housing projects on the other side of 620 in construction or in plan already, which makes the situation even worse.

 All in all, this is a really bad idea and will negatively impact everyone in the area. Please help us stop it!

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