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Stop HOYT STREET Hurting Kids

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Portland friends, please join me in taking action to protect children (and adults) from suffering PERMANENT HEARING DAMAGE due to Hoyt Street Property's decision to use impact hammer pile driving method to set piles on their upcoming project at Block 20 - a method proven to be harmful to people but is a cheap alternative to the quieter augercast drill.

Please read and take a minute to email Hoyt and the commissioner.

It's my neighborhood today, could easily be yours tomorrow.

"A notice from Anderson Construction was distributed to buildings in the neighborhood this past weekend announcing Hoyt Street Properties decision to use the impact hammer pile driving method to set piles on their upcoming project at Block 20.

In the past few years, much has been learned about the detrimental health problems caused by impact pile driving to nearby residents due to the high decibel levels of noise it causes.

As a result of this health information, 13 different developers have used the quieter augercast drill on their recent projects in the Pearl District.

The ONLY developer that continues to use impact pile driving is Hoyt Street Properties.

Hoyt Street successfully used the augercast drill on the 28-story Cosmopolitan.

Doug Shapiro, Hoyt Street’s previous Vice President of Construction was on the Noise Task Force appointed by Commissioner Fritz to study amending the City of Portland’s Noise Code to restrict the use of the impact hammer pile driver.

Mr. Shapiro testified that the soil conditions at The Cosmopolitan site required the use of the augercast rather than the impact hammer but because it was expensive they did not want to use it on Block 20.

A recent email communication from Sue Miller of Hoyt Street Properties clearly indicated that the decision to use the impact hammer rather than the quiet auger drill was strictly based on cost.

The augercast drill was used successfully on the 26-story NV directly across from the Block 20 location. This would lead one to believe that it can be used successfully on Block 20 some 100 feet away.

There is clear documentation that children exposed to noise levels above 85 decibels are at risk of permanent hearing loss.

The Noise Control Office noise meter readings taken at The Fields Park during the impact hammer pile driving at Block 17 reached 110 decibels.

Portland Public Schools has created a split campus for Chapman Elementary, relocating Kindergarten to the Ramona building directly across the street from the Block 20 project.

There are 4 Chapman Kindergarten classes at the Ramona building, all of those children will be forced to endure the endless pounding throughout the school day.

They conduct recess twice daily in the Fields Park directly across the street from Block 20 where they will face maximum exposure to the permanently damaging decibel levels of noise.

It’s important that complaints are made to Hoyt Street Properties. The last time they used pile driving, they dismissed the complaints as a ‘few unhappy renters living nearby”.

Hoyt Street views the use of the impact hammer as simply an annoyance.

It is a SERIOUS health hazard especially to the kindergarten children at the Ramona.

This time we hope that they will hear from people all over the city which might influence them to stop using impact pile driving.

Please join the fight by calling or emailing Hoyt Street properties and expressing your concerns about impact hammer pile driving.

Time is running short.

Direct emails to both Tiffany Sweitzer and Flemming Loftberg and cc Paul van Orden at the Noise Control Office.

It is important that the Noise Control Office be aware of the citizen concerns. In the past their response has been that they have not received very many complaints so it must not be much of a problem.

Paul van Orden, Noise Control Officer:

Hoyt Street Properties: 503-227-6677
Tiffany Sweitzer:

Flemming Loftberg:

If you wish to participate in opposing this activity please contact me and I will add you to my growing email distribution list of concerned citizens.
Thank You


PS on a side note, Hoyt Street Property is the same developer who took millions of dollars in tax cuts from the city in exchange for making 35% of their properties affordable housing.

They reneged on that promise.

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