Force Vincent K. McMahon to retire as Chairman & CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment

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We, the fans of WWE, request that Vince retire due to the fact that he is ruining the beloved professional wrestling brand, and becoming a more and more of a tyrant. 

While, at once time, Vincent Kennedy McMahon was a revolutionary figure in wrestling, he has become the lead figure in making the WWE in brunt of several jokes, in the wrestling world (the actions that have led to this petition are the induction of Kid Rock). 

Vince is indecisive, which at best can be his prerogative, but it cost him viewers and affects his bottom line. He hires writers, and choices to ignore them, in order to push a specific agenda that he specifically things will "go over". Hey Vince, the WWE universe doesn't want a Roman Reigns push. He's not the guy. 

Vince pushes bookings that make absolutely no sense, to any fan base. There are several stars currently on the roster, and that have been on the roster, that are routinely squandered by Vince & his "creative" team. Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Bret Hart, Cody Rhodes, Austin Aries. The list is longer than that, but you look at some of those stars. Look at the career they could have continued to have, if not for VKM's arrogance. 

Vince refuses to listen to fans. The ones who buy merch; the ones who buy tickets; the ones who ultimately make or break the company; the WWE fans are the people who give McMahon his certified billions. We fans demand our voices be heard. 

At the point of this petition, all of Vince's greatest creations are gone. Gone are the days of the Undertaker. Gone are the days of Shawn Michael; of Stone Cold; of The Rock. The stable of current stars is doing well under the tutelage of Trips, see NXT for proof; he doesn't need a megalomaniac to interfere with what is has been his life for years. 

In short, Vince has had a great run with WWE. He, and his creative team, has given the wrestling world some of the greatest matches, entertainers and shows; but not in recent history. His time has past, and each successive pay-per-view, each successive match on Raw & Smackdown continue to follow a downward trend. 

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