Deny mining company Regis the right to destroy our community's river

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The Belubula River has its origins on Kings Plain, a large stretch of rich farmland between Bathurst and Blayney in New South Wales’ Central West Region.

There are a series of natural springs that feed the river. Come drought, the Belubula can be relied upon to flow, when many other water sources have dried up.

The Regis Mining Company, based in West Australia, plan to build a gold mine directly on top of most of these springs. The mine (named McPhillamy’s) will require vast amounts of water and toxic pollutants such as cyanide in order to operate. To “solve” the problem of having the toxic pollutants entering the river system, Regis proposes to plug the springs with concrete, then build the tailings dam to store the toxic water directly on top of the concreted up springs.

We are entering an age when clean water is going to become an increasingly precious resource. When good quality farmland with access to water will be worth more than all the gold you can pull out of the ground. We believe that, should this mine go ahead, it will be a catastrophe for local farmers and the cause of severe, ongoing problems that future generations are going to have to contend with.

Furthermore our area is witnessing the birth of a very new but potentially very important cultural tourism industry. It is brand new, fragile, but definitely emerging. We believe a huge gold mine twenty minutes out of town and a toxic river will snuff out this burgeoning industry, and all the associated jobs and wealth it will create.

We do not support this mine going ahead.

We therefore petition Bathurst Member Paul Toole to call upon the NSW Government to deny Regis the right to destroy our community's river.

Mr Toole, as a member of the Nationals party, claims to represent the interests of farmers, their families, and the communities that rely on farming to survive. This mine does not support the interest of anyone except for Regis and their shareholders. We petition Mr Toole to demonstrate this commitment and deliver this petition to NSW Legislative Assembly.