Bring Simon & Garfunkel Together in a One-Song Benefit for the World Health Organization

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In 1964, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel released "The Sound of Silence." This anthem spoke of people being unable to communicate with each other physically and emotionally -- something all of us all over the world are experiencing now during this pandemic. 

Please sign this petition asking Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel to reunite for an online performance of “The Sound of Silence” to benefit the World Health Organization, bringing the world together as they once did over fifty years ago in a celebration of their brilliance, intelligence, and artistry and in the realization that we are all greater than the silence all around us, that together we will prevail, that our voices, together, will ring out our shared humanity and no longer be “written on subway walls”  or “whispered in the sound of silence.” Being there for each other is what makes us human. Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, be there with us, be the world with us.