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Help stop 911 calls from being released to the public if a minor is the caller.

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Hi, my name is Vencenia Righter. I am trying to help create a law that would not allow 911 calls made by minors to be released to social media, and the news.  My poor son called 911 when I found my daughter had passed away.  I went upstairs and was in total shock at what I had found.  I yelled to him to call 911.  We have been in the news with this ordeal.  I can barely handle what is going on let alone a minor who was just trying to help his mother and baby sister, and now for the rest of his life he has to know that this is out there for everyone to hear.  We have not listened to it, but to know other people have gotten their jollies off of our families tragic event.  My son should have been protected, but he wasn't.  Just for example minors who commit crimes have more rites then my son had. They hold their names on the news because they are minors. Granted my sons name was not released but his voice was.  The public and his class mates should have never been a part of that.  I know his recording is out there, but I don't wish for any other child or family to go through what we have.  Thank you everyone for your support.  Hope we can make a change.

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