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Vote of No Confidence in Trump's Epistemic Abilities

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This vote of no confidence is in response to President Trump's repeated inability to weigh evidence and meet the burden of proof to support his assertions. Instead, he passes off false propositions as if they are true, which results in demagoguery and exacerbates these tendencies in others. He has continually asserted false beliefs in the form tweets without support even when as President he can declassify information that could corroborate his claims. More than that, however, this inability to weigh evidence to infer true conclusions is a threat to democracy itself. Without basic epistemic competencies, President Trump is, in effect, a threat to world safety since he may well act on false beliefs that are pernicious while also denying others that are supported by other epistemically-competent experts. The ability to appreciate truth is a skill that any President needs, and after 46 days in office, we have prima facie evidence to think that President Trump cannot appreciate truth. If he did, he would know how dangerous his assertions are to the Republic and status of the office he holds. 

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