Stop the proposed changes/cuts to the Federal Employee Retirement Benefits

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This petition is to encourage The Honorable Paul Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of representatives to withdraw his legislative proposals for consideration by Congress. The proposals would amend chapters 83 & 84 of title 5, United States Code, to bring the Federal Benefits more in line with the private sector.

 Ryan’s proposals would (1) Elimination of Federal Employees retirement System Annuity Supplements; (2) Increase CSRS & FERS average pay period to five years.  Currently an annuitants average salary under CSRS & FERS is based on a High three years and the change would change that to five years, causing a 15%-25% decease in month income for the average retiree; (3) Increase Contributions to Federal Retirement System, which will rate increase 

One percent per year until the employee is contributing half of the current regular FERS employees normal cost percentage.  Most employees pay o.8 percent of basic pay and under the proposed changes would top out at 7.25 percent of basic pay, if congress doesn’t decide to increase in future years; (4) Reduction or Elimination of retirement cost of living adjustments (COLA) under CSRS by one half of one percent and to eliminate COLAs under FERS for current & future employees.

It is not strange that this proposal is coming at this time, because the Baby Boomers are getting ready to retire, and they were promise under Title 83 & 84 certain benefits if they came to work for the Federal government, sound Familiar (Veterans Benefits).  Current Federal Workers by law can’t be the highest employer, so at the time good benefits, which are so good now,  were provided to induce the best employees into government service.  If you can’t be among the highest paid and benefits are reduced, what is the incentive for the best of the best to come to Federal Service. How will the cutting of retirement and increasing of payment into the system affect the economy of everyone?

Has Speaker Ryan determined how his proposals will affect all federal employees.  Most Baby Boomers have between 25-30 years of service, and have planned out their retirement based on the current law.  What government programs/funding will have to be offered to help those senior citizens that will be greatly affected by these cuts.   Contrary to public opinion, most Federal Workers fall into the middle class and a great majority lower than that. 

If any changes are to be made, they shouldn’t be put on the shoulders of the current & retired Federal workers. The new law should be applied to new workers who join the federal Service after the law goes into affect, who can have a chance to plan accordingly.

By signing this petition you’ll be letting Speaker Paul Ryan & the United States Congress as a whole that we are not in favor of the Speaker Ryan’s proposals regarding Chapter 83 & 84 of Title 5, United States Code.

Please check out the proposed changes/cuts at the link below.