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Stop Foodstamps / Snap Program Paying For JUNK FOOD

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The Fed's and their Foodstamp programs pay for all the types of chips, cookies, candy and soda lower income recipients consume. They develop Diabetes / Obesity and all the long term health care ramifications from this junk food.

Out of the top 10 states receiving the most foodstamps 8 have the highest rates of diabetes / obesity.

Google it...!

This ridiculous situation of the Fed's enabling Diabetes / Obesity while trying to improve national healthcare could be ended, immediately.

Trump could issue an executive order eliminating Chips, Cookies and Soda.

Congress could pass this in 2 weeks if they can resist the lobbyists.

You can start this conversation immediately and positively change the Health Care situation in this country overnight.

This would cost nothing and immediately start improving the health of our nation.

Foodstamps already limit alcohol and tobacco products.

Why not junk food with little to no nutrional value?

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