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Tell Congress to Stop Malicious Harassment of Hillary Clinton

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This latest attempt by Congress, to dredge up a 7-year old, multi-department transaction with Russia in an attempt to continue its endless harassment of Hillary Clinton is going to cost taxpayers millions and is a blatant abuse of power against a private citizen.  The Uranium transaction was approved by NINE separate departments in the Obama Administration.  It was conducted openly and reported at the time. 

Devin Nunes is attempting to abuse his power to convene panels in a blatant and disgusting attempt to distract from the Mueller investigation into collusion, obstruction and treason by the campaign of Donald J. Trump.  In so doing, he is willfully and maliciously dragging through the mud the name and reputation of a lifelong public servant who has remained a favorite target for online harassment of this illegitimate president, who cannot accept that she won the popular vote by over 3.5 million votes.

This is as ridiculous as it is sickening.  Americans demand that the Speaker of the House exercise his authority and sworn oath to uphold the Constitution and stop the abuse of power by his party members.  It's expensive, it's unnecessary and it is grotesque, misogynistic, malicious bullying at its very worst.

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