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Shift U.S. federal budget from funding war to social needs

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On August 21, 2017, the White House announced a massive military infusion in Afghanistan shortly after threatening war with a nuclear North Korea, all while avoiding facing off with racist hate groups at home. Our communities have been brought to the brink by Charlottesville and North Korea, yet rather than building a framework to a more peaceful future, this presidential administration and its apologists continue to take the U.S. down a disastrous path that will violently impact the most marginalized communities at home and abroad.

The way forward must be to support independent economic development in communities on the margins, rather than spending U.S. tax dollars on endless wars. In Fiscal Years 2015 and 2016, the United States spent an estimated $610 billion per year on military expenditures, almost doubling its combined investment in education, the environment, science, transportation, and international affairs. The U.S.’s military costs represented over one-third of all global military spending, and the White House now intends to spend tens of billions more to perpetuate war.

The time is now for economic conversion for:

  • money to support infrastructure to make schooling equitable and empowering
  • universal healthcare
  • housing as a human right that stems the tide of gentrification and gerrymandering
  • the release of political prisoners and and end to mass incarceration
  • communities that place power in the hands of the people, not the elite.

We demand that our elected representatives in Washington take concrete steps now to shift our federal budget and programs to respond to these needs.

The triplets of war, racism, and materialism named by Rev. Dr. King must be challenged and consigned to the past. In a time when the presence of white supremacy is ever more real, we must stand together for justice and nonviolently challenge both the endless war and racism that is impacting our communities domestically and internationally.

We cannot forget: we have the power!

Background: Fellowship of Reconciliation statement -- "From Charlottesville to North Korea, White Supremacy Feeds Endless War"

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