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I'M DEEPLY GRIEVED AND APPALLED THAT OUR KIDS KEEP DYING IN MASS PUBLIC SCHOOL SHOOTINGS, LIKE PARKLAND, FLORIDA, WHILE OUR NATION'S LEADERS DO NOTHING TO STOP IT! HOW MANY MORE OF OUR KIDS HAVE TO DIE BEFORE WE REALIZE WHAT THE REAL SOLUTION TO THIS HORRIFIC PROBLEM IS? Despite partisan bickering over proposed solutions that cater to special interests, the real solution to mass school shootings isn't more gun control or more mental health care or more metal detectors or more police officers. Those aren't real solutions. They're merely treating the symptom.

THE REAL SOLUTION IS MORE GOD. MORE GOD IN OUR SCHOOLS! THE ABILITY TO REACH THE HEART OF OUR CHILDREN with the Judeo-Christian principles that made this country great at its founding. Principles like respect for life, others, and yourself. The ability to engage our kids in prayers to Almighty God to seek His protection.

The fact is WHEN WE TAKE GOD OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS, OUR SCHOOLS BECOME GODLESS. If God is good enough for our money ("In God We Trust!"), He's good enough for our public schools! 

So IF YOU WANT TO STOP MASS PUBLIC SCHOOL SHOOTINGS, SIGN THE ATTACHED PETITION demanding that our politicians change the laws in this country to once again permit public schools to teach Judeo-Christian principles and to once again permit public schools to engage our kids in prayers for protection to Almighty God.


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