TAKE ACTION NOW: Require Prompt Reporting of Sexual Abuse to Law Enforcement

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Speaker Ryan and Senator McConnell:

Admittedly, I have never written to my government representation. I have always voted, but that has been the extent of my engagement. Now, with the recent explosion of sexual abuse (specifically by Larry Nassar), I feel so compelled to help and to find my voice.

The stories of the more than 150 women who came forward to share their stories moved me beyond words - and I felt something inside me yearning to help. It is absolutely unacceptable - and, quite frankly, disgusting - that this behavior was permitted to continue for so many years (more than 20!) and that damage was permitted to be done to so many people.

I want to do something to help. And, I want those in positions of power to do something to help. Yes, people in positions at MSU and the USOC and of course USA Gymnastics should be held accountable - which is beginning to happen. However, I want to focus on preventing an atrocity of this scale from ever happening again.

Will you help?

As fathers, I'm sure you can imagine how you might feel if a monster like Larry were to hurt your children the way he hurt so many. And, imagine that your children brought their concerns forward and were dismissed. Ignored. Pushed aside.

You can make a difference and prevent this from ever escalating to this state ever again.

Can you please take action and help the voice of so many become amplified? Congresswoman Brook is leading this action and I ask that you now move this bill.  Now.  Your people are counting on your leadership.

Thank you for listening.  #MeToo


Kelly Martin
Batavia, OH

(Photo of NYT article published January 2018)