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National Reciprocity for Concealed or Open Carry

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We, the People, your employers, have had enough of gun restrictions in this country.  The Second Amendment is very clear; "shall not be infringed."  Since the horrendous incident in Las Vegas, national reciprocity has been taken off the table, and now there is talk of more gun laws.  How about enacting laws when a drunk driver kills innocent bystanders?  How about enacting laws that prevent the slaughter of unborn children in this country?  

We, the People, demand that you stop the infringement of our Second Amendment rights.  We have a right to be able to defend ourselves and our families.  Criminals walk around unaffected by gun laws.  No gun laws could or would have prevented the events in Las Vegas; even Diane Feinstein admitted as much.

Put National Reciprocity back on the table.  We, the People, have had enough.  We voted in a Republican-majority House, a Republican-majority Senate, and a Republican president.  Start working with the president on national reciprocity instead of putting it on the back burner.  We, the People voted you in; We, the People, will vote you out.

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