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#MakeThemPay for the GOP Tax Scam

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This is not a traditional petition. 

I aim to make the GOP pay for passing a bill that benefits themselves and the richest amongst us, while exploding the deficit and making the paltry middle class tax cuts temporary. 

This is not only a terrible bill; the process used to create it was dishonest and undemocratic.  It was written in secret, rushed through Congress before it could be properly evaluated with chicken scratch scribbled in the margins, and is being pushed through this week so that Doug Jones won't get a chance to vote on it.

This bill is good for no one except GOP big-money donors.

How can we #MakeThemPay?

Join me in vowing to use any money we get from this bill to defeat those who voted for it. 

If the GOP is going to blow up our economy and our deficit for this atrocious handout for the rich, the least we can do is take our paltry TEMPORARY tax cuts and make sure they pay for it.


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