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Hold all sessions of Congress in VRChat

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To quote Jefferson, ‘The best defense of democracy is an informed electorate.’

It is becoming increasingly difficult for civilians to engage with government proceedings and provide the oversight our Founding Fathers made so central to the Constitution. To promote constituents’ interaction with Congress in the digital age, this petition seeks to change the venue of Congressional meetings from the physical world, which many citizens do not have the resources to meaningfully access, to the internet, which most civilians have access to in schools, public libraries, and other community centers, if not at home already.

VRChat provides a unique platform to implement this. By allowing members of congress to participate in meetings remotely from their home state or in the halls of the congress building, it provides elected officials the opportunity to make it to every session, even if travel would otherwise present a barrier. Constituents from all over the nation would be able to immerse themselves in the unique perspectives of our nation’s elected representatives and sit in on the core of American democracy.

Implementing a VRChat system would notably decrease travel spending by Congress, minimizing costly trips to and from the capitol to home districts. By staying closer to home, members of Congress will step into meetings immersed in the needs of their people, the convictions of their constituency fresh in their minds

This movement affords lawmakers unique opportunities to meet with constituents and hold political forums over the serious issues impacting Americans in real time. VRchat is more effective than any current form of online debate. By accounting for the physicalities of debate participants, it maintains a paramount factor to determining debate success while completely bypassing the impediments of physical forums.


Join us in bringing politics up to speed with the digital age.

-Azeem and Duncan


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