4-20 Wisconsin! We will not be ignored!

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The need for legalization of marijuana is upon us! I am an average person who has worked in the healthcare field for twelve years, taking care of peoples' grandparents as they grew young! I have suffered numerous back problems from my job. I have had two back surgeries and have suffered for over ten years. I waited until I couldn't stand the pain before I started taking narcotics two years ago (after I had a double fusion put in my spine)(they basically put a cage in your back of plastic and screws to keep you upright and walking ). The past year, I recently got ill (from some of the side affects of narcotics ) and had to go under the knife yet again. Now I am stuck!  I have severe pain everyday and I am having a hard time . I can take some things for inflammation  but with stomach issues ( the reason I was at froedert hospital in Milwaukee the last year sick) they are almost impossible to take. 

I am sure my story does sound like the everyday average citizen out there.It should be at a persons discretion whether they want to use marijuana products, just like it is with alcohol and tobacco. 

I don't want to put THC in the same category as tobacco and alcohol because it is for medical use.... but...the government has already done that and exceeded it by labeling it a scheduled drug.

IT IS TIME FOR US WISCONSINITES TO CHANGE THIS LAW!! BIGGEST, SAFEST, AND MOST EFFECTIVE 4-20 MARCH EVER! WATCH FOR THE MAP 3 DAYS PRIOR! Or 2, or 4, or 6 days. Guess you will have to check social media often that week


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