Stop the development plan for 1435, 1439, 1443 Kempsville Road and 5749, 5739 Cornick Road

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There is a proposed townhouse development plan for 1435, 1439, 1443 Kempsville Road and 5749, 5739 Cornick Road. Local residents have already made their voices heard at last week's Lake Taylor civic league. The community does not want this project to move forward.

The proposed area of construction is mostly low lying field where the majority of the water from roadways and the water treatment plants open space end up during rain storms. The flooding that occurs in that low lying area prevents flooding of Cornick and Kempsville roads and the properties on those streets.

While Lake Taylor High School is an emergency shelter for our neighborhood, it is all but inaccessible due to this flooding during a storm, due to flooding both in front of the daycare and over the bridge near Lake Taylor Hospital. The water plant is also considered critical infrastructure and would also be inaccessible during storms. The proposed increase of 50 homes on this property would cause excessive traffic issues on both roads and make an already difficult entry or exit onto Cornick Road that much more of a problem. This area is simply not configured for that amount of increased traffic.

In order for any development to occur, this area would have to be filled and raised, causing all of that water to be offset to the roadways and properties of all neighboring homes. While it has been mentioned that the new improvements to military highway should allow for more water to pass under the roadway near the La Quinta Suites, this waterway is tidal, meaning that twice a day, that water will not go anywhere but higher. The improvements to that road and culvert were planned and installed assuming current water levels, not noticeably increasing levels.

The City needs to realize that the development of this property will cause excessive flooding to the homes on the outer side of Cornick Road and cause impassible flooding on Kempsville. We would recommend the City buy the property from the owners and create a green space to allow for storm water surge and to add trees back to the neighborhood that have been lost due to other construction projects.