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Support Equal and Uniform Taxation


Texans believe in fair play and our constitution helps keep things in balance when it comes to property taxes. It says taxation must be “equal and uniform.” This is a right given to taxpayers in 1876.  This provision is supposed to keep tax burdens fair for all taxpayers.  This means that similar properties should be appraised and taxed at about the same level.  Appraisal Districts don’t think Texas taxpayers should not have this right.  They believe the last property to sell should always pay the highest taxes.  If a taxpayer files an appeal requesting a tax reduction based on equal and uniform valuation, local governments believe that the taxpayers taking advantage of the system because their tax bill might be reduced.  We argue how does local government lose something if it was never theirs to begin with?


Equal and uniform taxation is good for Texas.  It is the foundaion for fairness within the Texas property tax system.  It attracts new businesses and new residents.  Businesses create jobs which are a key reason why Texas has such a strong economy.  When taxation isn’t equal and uniform new businesses and new homeowners are put at a disadvantage.  If you’re a new Texan buying a home, or someone hoping to open a business, you can expect to pay much more taxes than your neighbors or competitors and we feel that is not equal and uniform.  Ultimately it’s not fair.


If you agree with us please sign our petition and keep ‘Equal and Uniform’ in our Texas Constitution.


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