Protect our Front Line Heroes

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The Covid-19 pandemic has turned our way of life upside down. The frontline heroes that have been celebrated since this pandemic began now need our voices in support. After front-line ICU staff and Emergency Room staff were vaccinated in Phase 1 of the Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout, we are now looking at slowing our momentum and telling the rest of our Frontline Heroes that their vaccine will be administered according to their age demographic. That means a 30-year-old nurse caring for an immunocompromised patient will be vaccinated at the same rate as a 30-year-old office worker that has been working from a home for the past year. Every province in Canada has prioritized healthcare workers in Phase2, with the exception of Saskatchewan.

For everything our essential workers have done for us this last year, we owe them our support, our voice, to have the Saskatchewan Government and the Saskatchewan Health Authority re-examine their priorities for vaccine administration.

Both of the authors of this petition work on the Oncology unit in the Pasqua Hospital. Our unit was recently on a COVID-19 outbreak in late December and continued into early January. This outbreak not only left numerous staff members positive, but we also had a number of patients test positive for COVID-19 while battling a cancer diagnosis. It’s well known that all front-line workers are exhausted, however following our unit’s outbreak we are feeling the full effects of burnout. Our unit has had to work short staffed for multiple weeks due to the staff isolating after testing positive.

Our police officers that show up for calls, the first responders administering life-saving intervention as well as teachers, teaching our children and ensuring their education continues at risk to their own health. Nurses caring for our sick, elderly, immune-compromised and NICU babies. Hospital staff that ensure patients are in clean rooms, delivered food and admitted for tests are more of our behind-the-scenes heroes that bravely show up to work every day, not knowing if they’ll be working with a patient that is contagious and inadvertently take it home to their own family.  Imagine the concern of a patient admitted to a hospital, unsure if their healthcare provider is Covid-19 positive but asymptomatic and knowing that if you were to catch the virus that you have no immune system left to fight it. Imagine the concerned parents of a baby in the NICU, knowing that their baby is being cared for by a team of nurses that have not yet been vaccinated for Covid-19.

Those are the heroes that we need to protect. They’re still fighting on the front line for you and your loved ones.

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Premier Scott Moe

Saskatchewan Health Authority CEO, Scott Livingstone

‎Saskatchewan Health Authority, Director Strategic Initiatives and Employee Relations,‎ Blake McMullen

Saskatchewan Health Minister, Paul Merriman

Saskatchewan Health Authority, Executive Director of Labor and Employee Relations, Kevin Zimmerman


Thank you for your time and stay safe,

Joanna Klein and Tabitha Merriam


Image credit to Daniel Schludi