Changing tables in bathrooms.

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The problem I’m wanting to solve is I feel changing tables should be required in all bathrooms, this change would impact by making it easier to change my daughter in a comfortable and clean space. It would impact my family and the community the same, bathrooms without changing tables leave parents having to change their child on a bathroom floor, which most of the time are not clean. No mother wants to put their child on the dirty floor to change a diaper, changing tables should also be in men’s bathrooms not all children have a mother, there’s plenty of single fathers out there, along with gay couples or just fathers taking care of their kids for the day. Today I went to a restaurant and I needed to change my daughters diaper, I went into the bathroom to find there was no changing table I had to put my daughters blanket down on the concrete floor to change her on, not only is her blanket filthy now from being on a public bathrooms floor but my daughter was uncomfortable on a rock solid surface.