Bring back Landlord & Tenant Board Services to Sudbury Ontario

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The government has disappeared all services related to Landlord & Tenant Board in Sudbury. Whenever you had a complain or needed to make an application you used to go to Service Ontario and they efficiently guided you and assisted you with your requests. Now, when you go to the Service Ontario office there is only a clerk giving you a phone number to call. This number gets a busy signal for about 2 hours, when you finally get through, you have to wait on line for about one more hour, All applications have to be brought to Service Ontario for them to send them to Ottawa? and then you have to wait for a response with the warning that it may take a long time.  This is unreasonable, especially when you have to deal with issues that are urgent and need immediate assistance. Please sign this petition to let our Sudbury Representatives and the Premier of Ontario to  keep services in Northern Ontario as they were. If they are not able to improve services they should at least leave them as they were.