Independent Party of Newfoundland & Larbrador

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To the Citizens of Newfoundland and Labrador,

It's time for CHANGE in NL. Let's not list, all the problems that we face in NL. Yet you All Know and have them.  There is, and there are, better ways to lead our province into a Brighter Future.

So many injustices have been committed upon the Citizens of our Great Province.  

The Last PC Government Forced, upon each man, women, and Child, a $20K bill, and growing, for Muskrat Falls Hydro Dam. And how has that been?  

The Current Lib Government continues to Lie, Broke most, if not ALL, their Promises. (They All should be in Court ) They FAILED to manage the problem that we currently face, and ignore the People's Wishes/Demands and Calls for help!   

The Destruction of the Fishery, for International Trade, and Cheap Markets is causing Our province to FAIL. Due to "Mismanagement" of our Natural Resources, ALL of them! 

The People are speaking and the People are DEMANDING, Change!

There are Citizen's among us, who are beginning to Create the Independent Party of Newfoundland & Labrador. We require 1,000 signatures from our Citizens, to form OUR Party. Join US and Get back our Home!

If you are a Citizen of NL, and Support this Cause for Change, Join US and Let's Take back our Province, the People's Province!