Stop massive demolition project & protect Palms Elementary children's health & education!

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A large 70 foot mixed use development structure will go up at the corner of Motor and Tabor and will tower over Palms Elementary School's special education classrooms and Palms' kindergarten classrooms and playground. 

The massive demolition project is set to begin. If the massive demolition project goes forward, the kindergarten students' playground will be showered with toxic dust, fumes, air contaminants, NOx emissions and PM2.5/PM10 particulates. ALL students and teachers will be exposed to them-- until the end of 2019. And, students will have to try to focus and learn over the constant, loud noise that will undoubtedly arise from the demolition, excavation, and construction.

With our students' and teachers' health and education in mind, we are requesting that the project be stopped. Sign this petition to revoke the L.A. City permit and stop the project

Please email and call the contacts of the LAUSD official and LA City Officials AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

PAUL Koretz(Councilmember for 5th District)

323-866-1828   email:

Gwenn Godek(LAUSD-Office of Environmental Health and Safety)

213-241-4707   email:

Frank M. Bush-LA DEPARTMENT of Building and Safety-***he has power to impose restrictions on developer**

213-482-6800  email:

Mike Feuer(City Attorney)


AVIV KLEINMAN-Paul Koretz’s Office-Planning Deputy

323-866-1828   email:

Joseph Galloway-Paul Koretz’s Office-Field Deputy

323-866-1828  email:


**Vincent Bertoni  213-978-1271 (Dir. of Planning)**

Faisal Roble 213-978-1168 (Principal City Planner)

Michelle Singh 213-978-1166 (City Planner)

Debbie Lawrence 213-978-1163  (Senior City Planner)

Connie Chaur 213-978-0016   (City Planning Associate)

Subject line: Protect our Special Ed and Kindergarten Kids at Palms Elm!

 Main Points For You To Mention

 1)  Completion date October 2019-Developer states dust, fumes, particulate matter being released for the entirety of the project, not just demolition

2)  Noise projections don’t account for kindergartners and DHH students being 10 feet away

3)  DHH students’ sounds are amplified through their hearing devices

4)  Demolition Date December 18, 2017

5)  Construction can last 2 years with release of PM2.5 and PM10 particles, NOx gases and fumes in atmosphere-can cause respiratory illnesses in adults and death in children

6)  Unbearable noise from digging, drilling, nailing, and cutting

7)  Standstill traffic from hauling and deliveries

8)  Permanent closures of Motor Ave and Tabor intersection causing more traffic

9) These are our most vulnerable and sensitive kids.  We need to protect them by starting the demolition and excavation in the summer. 

10) Must have flag safety personal on both sides to protect children during pick up and drop off hours 

11)  Extermination so all the rodents and bugs don’t invade the classrooms 

12) The special education and kindergarten yard fence protection should be larger and privacy slats or a wall must be built.

13) My opinion is to end project and reconsider this entire 70ft project!!!



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