Legalise Cannabis In The UK The government could rake in up to £9.5 billion a year

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The government could rake in up to £9.5 billion a year simply by legalising cannabis, one campaigner told Metro. Campaigner Peter Reynolds of Clear says that if you look at what’s happening in states in America which have legalised recreational weed, such as Colorado, it’s not an out-there prediction.

Reynolds says, ‘Our research came up with a significantly larger revenue for the government – with additional VAT, additional income tax, lower law enforcement costs and a cannabis tax of about a pound a gram.’ Legalising it could have huge benefits for society, activists claim (Getty)Reynolds says that this would have to be balanced with some health education costs to ensure people use cannabis safely.

Reynolds says that sales of cannabis in Colorado, which legalised cannabis in 2014, recently passed $5 billion (£3.87 billion) – and Colorado only has 5.8 million inhabitants, compared to 66 million in the UK

A number of countries have decriminalised cannabis for personal use. None of them have descended into anarchy, so what’s preventing the UK government from following suit? The Conservative government claims to be in favour of evidence-based policies – in rhetoric, at least. Yet, successive UK governments have signed up to the United Nations international drug convention, a convention based on prohibition and the ‘war on drugs’, neither of which have any evidence of working.

“Marijuana is quite possibly the finest of intoxicants. It has been scientifically proven, for decades, to be much less harmful to the body than alcohol when used on a regular basis.” “By regulating marijuana, we can put black market drug dealers out of business and eliminate the rebellious allure that attracts young people.”

If the government sold marijuana itself it could control the strength of the drug – taking production out of the hands of organised criminal gangs and reducing the health risks.

. Laws have been changed and are changing because public opinion has changed. Information, research, media, government lobbying and grass roots activism are breaking the taboo around cannabis and advancing its medical recognition. It really is time for change. I’m pretty dam sure that plenty of users are fed up and tired of the chase and resenting the financial aspect of purchasing weed in the streets of the UK.

The debate over whether it should be legalised has raged for decades - and two experts now say it should be decriminalised - and the government should start producing the drug and regulating its sales itself.

If you would like to see Cannabis decriminalised in the UK? Please sign the petition and make your vote count today! Present UK laws will just stay the same until enough people come forward and make their voice’s heard. Let’s try at least to put the drug gangs and back street dealers out of business! Enough is enough…

They’ve made enough money out of us. I wonder how many back street dealers have got a nice 50″ TV? How many get to go away on a nice holiday once or even twice a year? Let’s not forget the flashy car’s they come in to drop it off. The list goes on, `believe me.’ Your money is providing back-street dealers with a luxurious life style, illegally, while you’re worrying about where your going to get your next £20 bag from, their counting your hard earned cash planning what to spend it on.

I can bet my bottom dollar that when you deliver your next text message to see if there’s anything available? The dealer on the other end instantly thinks to themselves, yep…that’s another X-amount gone. More money in the pockets for them to continue leaving a life of Riley. `Aren’t you P*SS*D OFF!?’ And fed up of lining the pockets of these people who make out to be your best friend? `I know I am.’ Hence this petition.

Cannabis has been used since 6000 BCE.
Cannabis appears in the Athavar veda and the Zend-Avesta, two ancient holy texts of Hinduism and Zoroastrianism, respectively.
In the early 12th century, cannabis use becomes widespread among the Middle Eastern cultures.
Cannabis does not cause brain damage.
Cannabis has shown signs of being useful in fighting Alzheimer’s disease.
Cannabis is a non-addictive drug. There are no physical addiction symptoms that can come with the use of cannabis.
Consumed cannabis in food products must be bonded with an oil in order to be active.
Legalizing cannabis actually makes areas of the world safer.
Even long term, heavy cannabis use has not shown to have any significant permanent detrimental effects on the body.
George Washington grew cannabis.


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