Stop the theft of African data

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Africa is losing billions of its data to Chinese and Western companies without getting anything in return. Chinese government, Chinese companies and Western companies have access to all the data on the mobile phones they sell in Africa and they are now collecting African data for free to train their high tech artificial intelligence and autonomous robots and vehicle algorithms.

Africans everywhere need to make sure that Africa's data stays in Africa and is used to benefit Africans.

The Chinese have recently signed a deal with Zimbabwe to collect facial data of Africans for surveillance purposes. This use of African data helps to improve the quality of Chinese AI (artificial intelligence) products by removing racial bias. They can then sell more of their products to the rest of the world and back to Africa. They are not paying for the data they will be collecting in Zimbabwe. Rather the Zimbabwe government is paying them to collect Africans' facial data.

Google recently opened its AI center in Ghana. This center will collect data from Africans including city navigation data to improve its autonomous driving systems. It is not clear who will own the data it collects in Africa, how it is going about collecting data in Africa and what it is paying Africans for using their data to produce its commercial products.

The Chinese have a sophisticated data mining strategy in Africa. Read more about it

The African Union (AU) and its member governments need to organize a framework that ensures that Africa's data stays in Africa and that it is used to develop local African tech companies. If it is to be used by foreigners, it must be on the basis of a commercial licence with proceeds going to the African people.

This will ensure that the best high tech and AI companies for black people are African and that Africans earn money for the data they provide.

Africans will soon represent 1 in 4 people in the world. No one can make advanced AI, autonomous vehicles without African data.They need us.

Sign this petition to make sure that Africans benefit from their data.

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