Stop Grove City from Sacrificing Moral Integrity for Prestige

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We, Grove City College students and alumni, pledge to no longer give donations (or to not give donations after we graduate) to the College as long as it aligns itself more with the Republican Party than with its Christian values. Until the school invites a wider variety of speakers to campus, we promise to withhold funds.

The invitation of Vice President Mike Pence to speak at the 2017 commencement does not accurately reflect the Christian values of the College due to the actions and rhetoric of the current administration. Inviting him to speak is a tacit endorsement of the Trump Administration as a whole.

The College has invited political speakers consecutively since 2014, and this trend continues sporadically into the past. Grove City College is known by reputation as a place to grow in Christian faith and knowledge, but with recent selections of commencement speakers, it is aligning itself with the Republican Party rather than with Christ. We are aware that the commencement speaker cannot represent the views of all graduates, but the speaker invited is a clear indicator of the values and vision of the College’s Board and leadership. We are concerned that Grove City College is actively giving away the chance to stand for Christian values and is instead choosing to identify with the questionable ethics of the current White House administration.

Grove City College professes to be a Christian institution, and as such, should be held to a higher ethical and moral standard than other academic institutions. We confess Jesus to be our Savior, but unfortunately, many American Christians look to a political party for their guidance. Places like Grove City College are vital to the furtherance of the Gospel, because it is here that Christians have the opportunity to demonstrate to the world how our faith can be lived out well.

The “Faith and Freedom” page on the institution’s website states:

"From its founding in 1876, Grove City College has provided its students with an excellent academic education in a thoroughly Christian environment. Committed to the individual freedom that is at the heart of American life, Grove City College remains free from government influence... both in the classroom and how the College runs its operations... Grove City College is committed to religious freedom and avoids narrow sectarianism, encouraging a diverse student body from a variety of faith perspectives, socioeconomic backgrounds and ethnic heritage."

The Trump Administration does not represent Christian values and does not represent the values that Grove City wishes to instill in its students.

At the risk of oversimplification, Grove City College can do better. In this moment, the College is standing out as a place that is willing to be publicly identified with the current presidential administration. Our nation observed many decent, respectable, and godly people succumb to the temptation for power last year.

Our demands are as follows:

1. The commencement speakers, in years following, cannot have held an elected office or be associated with a political party.
2. Well-known Christian thinkers, theologians, authors, and business owners should be invited to speak more often on campus
3. Other speakers should include progressive Christians (Rachel Held-Evans, Justin Lee, Rob Bell, etc.) in order to better represent all students, foster conversations, and promote a diversity of thought.

Will Grove City College continue this trend of sacrificing moral integrity for prestige?

So long as it does, we pledge to no longer fund the institution.