Autism assessment waiting times are impacting families to the point of removal of kids

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My little brother has been waiting 5 years for autism assessment and he has been pushed about from piller to post discharged from one service to another. At the age of 6 n a haf he has had no paediatric or psychology involvement for 3 years The only involvement he has is social work who have no idea of sensory processing disorder let alone autism.he has struggled through primary 1 of main stream school as his anxiety levels are so high he has not been in school the last 5 weeks due to this social work have called a children's panel to remove my son from my care rather than implementing usefull strategies and resources. If my son is removed from my care it will have a decramental impact on his health and wellbeing there needs to be more support for children with autism and their  families and waiting times for assessment should not take as long he has already been waiting 5 years and have been told it will be At least another 2 years something needs to be done now and stop the ignorance in professionals they have took him please get my little brother home to our mum where he belongs thank u