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More parking spots for TRUCK DRIVERS!

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Parking for our OTR Truck Drivers!

It has come to a day and age when our truck drivers are being scrutinized for everything they do. Our truck drivers deliver everything that makes this world go around. If there was ever a 7 day strike of truck drivers this would shut our country down.

Our law states that truck drivers must follow the "hours of service law" then we insist that you the government that makes these laws provide the areas where truck drivers can safely and legally stop to follow laws and rest without worrying about getting a ticket doing so.

When our drivers try to obey the law THERE IS NOWHERE FOR THEM TO PARK! Many roadside parks/rest areas have been shut down because there is no money to fund it. Truck Drivers are parking on the side of the roads and being Ticketed for following the Law that you our government put in place.  Why are they parking on the side of the roads? That is because the truck stops are full and rest areas are closed.

There was a bill signed back in 2012 called the MAP-21 highway bill which would allocate additional funding to developing more rest areas for truckers yet today May 1, 2016 our truck drivers are still facing the same challenges.


We the people demand for our government to step in and immediately make more parking spots so that our truck drivers can be within the law and not have to pay hefty fines for following your laws!

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