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This petition has set up to make Paul Goodhand MD of knorr-Bremse Rail services wolverton to do something about saving these artefacts,

I have spent time over the past 13 months studying photo's take from inside the unused falling down sawmill joiners and smithy shop on the works site. There are a number of artefacts within the including several mould for carriage roofs platting baths and signs wood cutting saws and machines. After I wrote the last story about the artefacts taken up by the citizen nothing seems to have been done apart from more damaged done to the artefact one signs has been smashed

I have tried a number of times to find out whats happen to the artifacts but Knorr- Bremse are not answering my emails neither are St Modwen. These artefacts need to saved and I am trying my hardest but not having much luck. I am wanting to turn to wolverton people to help with this task by forming some kind of group to help get the artefacts out and taken to the museum for future conservation.
I have learned how ever that over the past few years the locol yobs have got into these buildings and have started trashing the place and artifacts and ever been seen stealing some so this is what I see as important to save them.

I am hoping some light can be shed on this and i find whats happening to these artefacts now the St Modwen have won the application to demolish the works we will lose are heritage i feel it's time the artefact are saved and displayed to keep some of our heritage.