Petition Closed

In a recent piece, Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto, who has a history of misogynist, sexist commentary that promotes rape culture, again attacked victims of sexual assault. It's time for the Wall Street Journal to stop using its opinion pages to tacitly support rape. 

Please send your message to tell the Wall Street Journal's editorial page editor, Paul Gigot to stop allowing one of its columnists to promote rape culture. Demand that the Journal fire James Taranto now.

Letter to
Editorial Page Editor, Wall Street Journal Paul Gigot
James Taranto has become well known for promoting a culture of rape by making excuses for rapists and attacking victims by suggesting that they are to blame. As respected newspaper, the Wall Street Journal should not lower its standards by giving Taranto a national platform for his misogynist attacks on women. Rape victims -- and all women and girls -- deserve better!

Please fire James Taranto and devote equal column inches to a respectful and meaningful discussion of rape prevention.