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Hate is Not News

For too long Rupert Murdoch has used his media platforms like The Australian and Sky After Dark to spread racism and hate speech.

Murdoch's commentators vilify and scapegoat communities of colour to divide and distract us from their own dangerous agendas. Sign the pledge to end hate speech in the media.

And they're doing it right now. Murdoch's commentators have been using COVID-19 to whip up fear about people from East Asian backgrounds. People of Asian background are bearing the brunt of racism fuelled by deliberate misinformation about coronavirus.

That hate speech has come at a dangerous price – inflaming and radicalising those who seek to do violence to others. They are emboldening far right extremists. Just like the white supremacists responsible for the horror experienced by Muslims in Christchurch not long ago.

That's why we're calling on you to stand with us as part of our Hate is Not News campaign.

We have seen how the Murdoch media spreads racism and hate speech instead of real news, vilifying our communities to divide us all.

It’s time we put an end to hate speech in our news. It’s time to ditch Murdoch. Will you take the pledge?

Pledge that Hate is Not News. Pledge that so long as Murdoch's media continues to spread hate, you will not support its platforms – you will not subscribe to, advertise with, or distribute any Murdoch publications or services.

It’s time we put an end to hate speech in our news. It’s time to ditch Murdoch.

Stop subscribing. Stop advertising. Stop distributing.

In solidarity,

Jai and Neha, on behalf of the entire Democracy in Colour team.

Democracy in Colour
1 week ago