Decision Maker Response

Barry Newby’s response

Barry Newby
Band Manager

Nov 13, 2012 — My reply to everyones complaint.

First of all thank you for expressing your feelings over this matter.

The wording of your petition heading:

Paul and Helen, Lakes promotion,
will be told by me that the use of the word 'T-Rex' alone will stop
and the band's correct name
'Mickey Finn's T-Rex' will be adopted.
Please believe me when I say that every effort is made to get promoters to use the correct billing. This is never easy particularly abroad because after all their business is the put 'bums on seats'
eg. Only last Saturday a Too Rex poster for a show at Chinnery's
night club in Southend sported the words T.REX in very big letters.
With regard to making money from from Marc's memory.
Well this year the band have played 17 shows with only 3 to go.

For example. a typical show:
I leave home a 2am to pick everyone up, we go to the airport,
park up, hang around for hours,
board the flight, get picked up and travel in a minibus sometimes for hours, soundcheck, hit the stage around 11pm get to bed around
2am, get up again and go through all the travelling again.
I may get home at 2pm the following day.
That's 36 hours and we all get around £200 that's £5.55 per hour. Less than the basic min wage. X 20 shows = £4,000 per
year each or £80 per week.
Ask yourself now who makes a living from this music.
The name Danny Elz and others comes to mind?
They make a living from it.
Infact I would ask any one of you to be so kind as to pay off our overdraft.
It's alright signing a petition
but the thing is you don't know the facts. There was a lot of love and support from us all for Mickey
in his last 5 years of life and much sorrow after his passing.

Instead of being so negative why
not come along to see a real band that promote the back catalogue worldwide and celebrate Marc's music
with people that were there.
Instead of going to see some guy who thinks he is Marc Bolan and has no connection with the past at all.