Save Atelier 'Il Sole in Cantina'

Save Atelier 'Il Sole in Cantina'

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Atelier Il Sole in Cantina started this petition to Paul de Rook

On behalf of the Atelier community we kindly ask for your support. Due to the change of ownership of Haddingestraat 16, Atelier ‘Il Sole in Cantina’ is forced to leave the building by the 1st of May 2019. Because of this, the city faces the loss of an experimental performance venue which is unique to the Groningen music scene.

To prevent this from happening, we ask your support in the search for an alternative solution.

Since 1998, the basement located at Haddingestraat 16 in Groningen has been rented by local artists, who founded Atelier ‘Il Sole in Cantina’ – a place that initially started out as an atelier for painting and musical practice. By inviting fellow professional musicians to join, their private practice space also turned into an environment where musicians from Groningen and abroad could freely perform. Moreover, it turned into a venue where any music lover, Stadjers and internationals alike, are welcome to stop by on Saturday evenings to listen to a living-room-style concert.

In over twenty years, this space has provided the Groningen art scene with:

  • Substantial international cultural exchange, which is also reflected in the music
  • Musical experimentation, not found in any other Groningen venue
    • Crossing of genres: contemporary, free-jazz, avant-pop, improvisation
  • The non-profit record label ‘Cantina Records’
  • A loving environment for artists to freely showcase and explore their original works, such as:
    • Music, theatre, dance and art (visuals, live- and sound painting, exhibitions)
    • Crossing of styles; collaborations between different artists
  • A professionally equipped location 
  • A welcoming place for artists and art lovers of any kind
    • Special relations between performer and audience

Furthermore, Atelier has worked in collaboration with:

  • Stichting Jazz in Groningen: Cantina Awards 2016
  • Grand Theatre: Sounds of Music Festival

The emphasis of Atelier ‘Il Sole in Cantina’ lies on the art and the performance. It stresses the importance of the artists’ personal creative development. These qualities both attract students from the Prins Claus Conservatory as well as professional musicians from all over the world.

Seen as how Groningen promotes itself as ‘City of Talent’ and through the Cultuurnota specifically encourages international cooperation, we believe the closing of Atelier deserves attention from the municipality.

Please sign this petition to show your support for Atelier 'Il Sole in Cantina' and convince the municipality to help Atelier remain the fundamental part of the Groningen art scene that it has become.

Sincerely yours,

The Atelier ‘Il Sole in Cantina’ Community

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!