Tuition fee discount due COVID-19

Tuition fee discount due COVID-19

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Henrique Goldmann started this petition to Paul Dangerfield and

Capilano University has decided to implement several preventative measures to reduce the COVID-19 spread even further. One of the measures is canceling all face-to-face classes and interactions, and students will not be required to go to campus, and instead, all classes will be conducted online. In other words, our summer semester will entirely be done through online courses, and we all have seen how teachers are struggling to teach their content through online classes. Even though we appreciate these measures to keep us all safe, it is crucial to consider the financial impact on students, especially international students considering the tremendous difference between domestic and international tuition fees. Currently, the international student tuition fee for three courses is roughly $6,174.81 (depends on the program). When most students agreed to take on the financial burden of taking out loans to pay such an exorbitant fee, we did so because we expected to receive in-person face-to-face instructions, as well as the opportunity to seek out help from our professors during office hours. Because of current circumstances in regards to the pandemic, this is now no longer a possibility, which makes our learning experience complicated since a lot of teachers are not familiar with online tools.

We are currently being asked to pay roughly $6,174.81, which includes:

Student service and technology fee=$103.83
Student Union Membership=$43.20
Student Union BUILDING levy=$54.00
Student Union Mem per credit=$24.30
Advocacy Events Rec Fee=$23.04
Business and Prof Association Fee=$18.27
Tuition surcharge=$438.93
Tuition International Fees=$5,355.99
Term Enrollment Fee=$29.25
U-pass month one and two=$85.00

All those fees are easy and accessible at your "account summary by the term."
Because of the enormous financial impact of this decision, we are asking Capilano University to provide partial discounts or refunds to all students.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!