Mayor John Duran – Please Resign from WeHo City Council!

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Elyse Eisenberg
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Mayor John Duran – Please Resign from WeHo City Council!

We believe the time has come for you to acknowledge that the line between your private life and your public one has been crossed and is beyond redemption.  Your behavior has become a distraction and national gossip fodder, and your continued presence as a Councilmember in the age of #MeToo is an ongoing embarrassment and a poor reflection on the world renowned, progressive City of West Hollywood.

Your behavior and constant references to your unabashed sexual promiscuity is 1) TMI and 2) in this day and age – if it ever was, represents Conduct Unbecoming a Public Official representing ANY community, LGBTQ or otherwise. 

West Hollywood is, and always will be, a safe haven for the LGBTQ community.  Their elected representatives, whether members of that community or not, should treat ALL their constituents with respect at all times - in their private life as well as their public one, whether members of the LGBTQ community or not.  There is not a different standard for a member of the LGBTQ community – and there never was.

Mayor Duran, you have not met those standards in many years and you openly acknowledge that.

While your many years of service to the City of West Hollywood, and your many accomplishments with LGBT equality, HIV/AIDS and other issues are, and will remain important, don’t let your blind ego tarnish the rest of your legacy.

It is time to step down and let us all move on.