Stop violences and war in the North West and South West of Cameroon!

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Dears honorables.

Cameroon a West African country well known before 2016 as a country of peace, is now undergoing a « civil war » in its Western regions so called North West and South West.

The conflict degenerated in early 2017 when peaceful marchs to portray legitime grievances from teachers and lawyers had been brutally scattered by police.

This had led the separatist movements to enter into the game and impose a political agenda with the aim of obtaining secession of those two regions.

Legitime grievances then turned into political grievances and armed groups arose in those regions. Since then fights between army and those groups are very fierce for two years now with approximately 1,800 killed, both civilians (among which teachers, doctors, and nurses) and militaries. Hundred of villages have been burned, thousands of villagers displaced and in total need of humanitarian support....

Violences are both the fact of army and separatist groups and is getting increasingly worrysome day after day.... Bandits groups, gangs have taken the place of political groups and misled the noble fight for more rights to kidnappings against randsoms, killing of educators and doctors, forbidden children to resume school and have a good education since 3 years now.

Some pupils are now even transformed into « child Warriors » and NGO like HRW has documented all that.

I am pleading in front of you honorables, so that you can use all your means to bring to discussions and dialogue table both government and secessionists to stop this nonsense war in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

Nothing can be achieved thru war and violence.

There are people in the diaspora leaving here in the USA, working here and enjoying USA freedom, good Life, with their families and financing armed groups in Cameroon, exciting people to ethnic conflict, raising funds for that sake under our eyes... that should be stopped. There are university professors, doctors, blue and white collars workers in US companies or affiliates..... The US government should be able to track and stopped such financing of violence and war.

I strongly believe this petition would not fall into ears of dumbs and I believe your pragmatism and suppport to human rights will guide you to help Cameroon get out of that civil war.

yours faithfully,

Amedee Assomo, citizen of Cameroon.

Fort Smith, Arkansas.