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Remove Natalie D'Amico, Redmond PD detective who covered up evidence of child molestation

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Redmond, Washington detective Natalie D’Amico needs to be relived of her duties. Detective D’Amico has gone to extremes covering up the crimes against numerous minor females. Specifically, the molestation of a 7-year-old girl and sexual assault against a 17-year-old female. She has neglected her duty to “Serve and Protect” and will go to any length to try and further her career, even at the expense of minors. All the facts against detective D’Amico are public record. D’Amico considers herself above the law and doesn’t care about the citizens she swore to protect; therefore, she needs to be removed from duty.

Makenzie Kaleff is a resident of Redmond, Washington. Makenzie filed false accusations (along with her mother, Victoria Kaleff) about being held prisoner and forced into prostitution; claimed that her phone and computer were taken from her; and that men would show up at her door so she would have sex with them not knowing why. This statement was disclosed to the media by detective D’Amico while fully knowing the statement was false. Upon moving out of her parents’ house (claiming abuse), Kaleff had a civil standby with the Redmond Police, so D’Amico knew the girl was lying. Kaleff had molested a 7-year-old girl, showered naked with the girl, was caught in the little girl’s bed in the morning, and has sent sexual text messages about what she wanted to do to the little girl. One of D’Amicos own witnesses confirmed the actions Kaleff did, yet D’Amico made numerous attempts to cover her crimes.

In January of 2015, a then 17-year-old girl filed a sexual assault report with the Redmond Police Department, against Kaleff. Detective D’Amico did the follow up interview but determined that the young girl lied and made up the sexual assault. By this time, D’Amico had in her possession Kaleff’s cell phone with the sexually graphic text messages, pictures, emails and videos to another minor in Louisiana. Despite having proof that Kaleff had been committing a felony against a minor out of state, D’Amico refused to investigate the sexual accusations and concluded the girl was lying, further victimizing this poor young girl. Emails in evidence from this girl show that she was suicidal because of Kaleff’s actions and that her life was ruined. D’Amico, having these emails, still refused to investigate.

In January of 2017 a motion to dismiss D’Amico’s false case was filed based on several factors, including that D’Amico lied to a grand jury about the sexual assault. In front of the grand jury, D’Amico was asked about emails that one of the defendants sent that said Kaleff sexually assaulted the minor. D’Amico was asked” What are those accusations?” she answered “that she (Kaleff) had sexually assaulted minors.” She was then asked “Are you aware of any evidence collaborating those accusations?” D’Amico answered “I am not.” This is public record. Having interviewed the minor who was sexually assaulted, D’Amico (after 2 years and no investigation) has now changed her statement to “It was consensual sex.” The same sort of statement that rapists make about their victims. This poor girl was again victimized by detective D’Amico. D’Amico must be stopped!

In addition, D’Amico has committed more atrocities. A computer belonging to the defendant accused by Kaleff was removed from evidence by D’Amico for 2 days in March of 2015. In July of 2015, the same computer was examined by an F.B.I expert. The F.B.I expert’s statement was that there was nothing of evidential value on the computer. D’Amico, knowing that the computer contained evidence that Kaleff committed crimes against minors, wiped the computer clean. The accused defendant had his own expert examine the computer. That expert concluded, without doubt, that the computer had been intentionally wiped clean. So, the F.B.I lied in its report by not disclosing that the computer was wiped. D’Amico had to have wiped the computer to cover up the crimes of Kaleff. D’Amico claims that she didn’t take the computer for 2 days, that the defense had read the log wrong. However, the log clearly states the date and time she removed it from evidence, and the date and time she checked it back into evidence 2 days later. Further proof that D’Amico was covering evidence which would counter the statements of Kaleff and admonish the defendant. Currently, more than two years later, the defendant is still being detained in a federal detention center and has yet to have a trial to defend himself.

D’Amico has already has been sued in court for her actions in other cases. Those cases also involved “lost” evidence and preventing evidence for the defense to examine. Do we want an officer that protects sexual predators, that lies to a grand jury and destroys evidence? Detective D’Amico has lied to a grand jury, wiped a computer, threatened witnesses, taken possession of a cell phone before a defense team could examine it, “lost” evidence, and lied to a federal judge. The documentary currently in production, “UnCONSTITUTIONall: Justice for Delia” will expose all that D’Amico has done and those that she has exploited to cover up her actions. These young girls deserve justice. Damico needs to be removed as a protector of the people.

It should be noted that in D’Amico sworn statement in response to the motion to dismiss in the defendant’s case, she never denied that Mackenzie Kaleff molested the 7-year-old, that she showered naked with her, and the computer claimed to have no evidence has been proven to contain fragments of previous information which proves it was tampered with.

“UnCONSTITUTIONall: Justice for Delia” Is a documentary that exposes the broken and corrupt justice system, and dirty cops like Natalie D’Amico. The documentary page is on Facebook.

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