Citizens for Zoning for Chicago Tiny Houses

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There are at least 15 homeless tiny house communities throughout the US that are flourishing and creating affordable housing for homeless residents. 

Chicago Tiny House Inc is dedicated not to changing this but duplicating this process for Chicago. We came to our city with a answer to the crisis of homelessness. We care about our city and we have a plan. Only our plan is sitting - stalled by city officials unsure if the people of Chicago want Tiny Houses. 

We do not claim that this method would completely eliminate homelessness but want to offer a way to help with the issue. 

The only thing in our way is zoning laws. We are asking Chicago and our state to sign this petition to start the process of zoning for tiny houses in Chicago to help aid in the issue of homelessness. 

To keep this petition legal we ask that only residents of Illinois  sign this petition so we can show our legislators Illinois needs us 

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