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Develop and Implement Sustainable Safety Principles on Britain's Roads

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The Department for Transport has recently proposed raising the speed limit for HGVs on single carriageway roads to 50mph. This change will bring the UK more into line with the Netherlands, which has an 80km/h (~50mph) speed limit for HGVs on single carriageway main roads.

However, this should not be an isolated measure. The 80km/h HGV speed limit in the Netherlands is accompanied by design and policy that ensures their road network is safe and attractive for all users. In particular, people cycling and walking will never share space with lorries (or motor traffic in general) travelling at this speed - they have high-quality separate provision.

Bringing the HGV speed limit into line with the Netherlands must be accompanied by the development and implementation of Dutch Sustainable Safety principles in Britain, with benefits for all road users.

Sustainable Safety is focused on prevention - preventing crashes from occurring, and reducing the risk of serious injuries when they do occur. One of the core principles of this approach is homogeneity - equalising the mass, speed and direction of vehicles. Fast vehicles should not share space with slow ones; likewise fast vehicles should not be travelling in opposing directions, without separation.

The basis for this appoach is that human beings are fallible, and that the environment we travel in should respond to that fallibility, rather than expecting us to not make mistakes, ever.

Sustainable Safety should be applied consistently to Britain's roads, to ensure that all road users are travelling at similar speeds, and that if they are not, that they are provided for separately. This would benefit everyone who uses Britain's roads, be they on foot, on bike, or driving. It would making journeys safer, more predictable, and less stressful. 

We need a humane road network, fit for the 21st century. Please develop and implement Sustainable Safety policies in Britain. 


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