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No one should be denied dialysis in North Carolina.

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My mom has been denied dialysis in North Carolina. She has been on dialysis for four years and was going to an outpatient center. She got sick with sepsis from a bedsore and was placed on a ventilator. She was on a ventilator for four weeks. She was able to wing off the ventilator and a trache was placed. She was ready to be discharged from the hospital when we find out that no dialysis centers in North Carolina would accept her with a trache. We were told the only option was to send her to a nursing home that has dialysis with it in Hyattsville, Maryland which is 8 hours from home. She was there for 3 hours in conditions that were not good. We called an ambulance and she was admitted into the hospital in Maryland. The hospital decided to help try to wing her off the trache. They were able to take it out and mom is doing wonderful. She is ready for discharge and we find out that dialysis centers are still not wanting to accept her. They are saying she is medically unstable for outpatient dialysis. There should be facilities in North Carolina that would accept my mom. There needs to be nursing homes with dialysis in North Carolina. She is not able to see her family because she is so far away from home. She wants to go home and not have to stay in Maryland.

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