Issue a Pardon of Innocence to Henry Lee McCollum and Leon Brown

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Governor Patrick McCrory: Pardon Two Innocent Brothers.

 31 years ago, brothers Henry Lee McCollum and Leon Brown were convicted of a rape and murder they did not commit. Finally, after three decades of incarceration a judge found them innocent and ordered their immediate release. Yet despite all this, Governor Patrick McCrory has yet to grant them a pardon so they can officially strike the conviction from their records and start their lives with a clean slate.

 Without a pardon, the two brothers are hardly free. Because the rape conviction is still on their records they were forced to register as sex offenders in order to leave the prison. They are unable to collect compensation for their wrongful conviction and finding a job with such a severe crime on their records and little to no education is nearly impossible. Only the governor can truly free them.

 DNA testing conclusively proved they were innocent. In fact, it pointed officials to a man who was already serving life in prison for another rape and murder that happened just a month later, and only a short distance away from the original crime. There is no doubt about it, these men were wrongly convicted. 

 When they were finally released from prison 6 months ago, the state gave them $45 dollars each for their trouble and sent them on their way to survive in a world completely different from the one they left in 1983. Both Henry and Leon have limited education and due to their lack of ability to get jobs have relied on the kindness of strangers. This is not freedom or justice. They both lost 30 years of their lives, and even after being proven innocent, have been forced to live in limbo because the state won't pardon them. These men deserve a real chance to live life and be a part of the American dream. Everyday Gov. McCrory delays, is one more day Henry and Leon spend in a virtual prison.

 Tell Governor McCrory that three decades is too long to wait for justice. Grant Henry and Leon a pardon so they can start their new lives once and for all.



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