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Increase enrollment capacity for upper year CS courses!

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I am a 4A Software Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. Last week, I received an email stating that seven of the most popular upper-year CS courses are over-full and have extensive waiting lists to get enrolled. The courses affected are CS 449, 452, 458, 466, 486, 488 and 492. 

I think I’m speaking for a lot of students in saying that this is the only time before I graduate that I can take electives which are only offered in the spring. Since I am a software engineering student, our elective requirements are very strict, and the courses allowed for upper year CS electives are almost all full at this point. 

This is not the quality of education we have come to expect from the University of Waterloo. My fellow students and I chose this university because it has a reputation for being the top computer science and engineering school in Canada. We certainly pay tuition fees to reflect that. We should not have to continue to pay premium tuition fees to attend a school that does not listen to or anticipate the needs of its students. If Waterloo continues to increase tuition fees, the least I can ask is that all students should be able to enroll in the courses that best suit our interests.   

To address this issue, the university needs to open more lecture sections or increase the capacity for at least some of these courses. During the pre-enrollment phase of course selection, administration can gauge the demand for courses. At this stage, they should have time to look for additional lecturers and support staff if needed. 

Another measure that might help with course demand is to offer the most popular Spring semester-only courses in more than one semester per year so that students have more than one chance to take the course(s) they want. 

Please sign this petition if you were personally affected, or if you think it is fundamentally unfair to make students compete for course enrollment after they have been admitted to their program of choice. 

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