Impeach Biden and Harris

Impeach Biden and Harris

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Biden, Harris, and anyone else involved in the crisis at the Mexico border need to be impeached, removed from office and possibly face criminal charges. They are directly responsible for, and complicit in all of the criminal activity going on at our southern border, they’ve rolled out the Red carpet and welcomed all of this. 

Illegal migrants (mostly unaccompanied minors) come across the boarder by the thousands on a daily basis. They’re round up by boarder patrol and housed in government facilities. These kids are packed into these facilities at anywhere from 400%-700%-1000% over capacity! These children are laying on gym mats covered in emergency survival blankets. How is this ok? How is this acceptable? Especially in the era of covid. Aren’t we supposed to be socially distanced? Isn’t this what they call a super spreader event?

Do you remember who built these facilities? That’s right, the Obama BIDEN administration. Do you remember what they called these facilities during the Trump administration? “Kids in cages”. The only difference in the facilities now is the chain-link fence has been replaced with plexiglass. No matter the angle you look at it, or the spin you try to put on it, it is still “kids in cages“.

Biden said “We are not going to separate families, we are not gonna put any kids in cages, we are not going to be engaged in building more fences, that’s not what we do, that’s not who we are” ... “I refuse to believe that we are a country that thinks it’s alright to put kids in cages”.

Harris says “We’ve got a person {Trump} who put babies in cages and separated children from their parents” ... “I will release babies from cages, I will get rid of the private detention centers”.

The parents of these unaccompanied minors are paying the cartels and willingly separating themselves by handing their children over so they can get across the border. This administration rolled out the welcome mat for illegal border crossings. So tell me, who is now the one that is responsible for putting kids in cages? Who is now the one responsible for separating children from their parents?

People are drowning trying to cross the Rio Grand, and their bodies are just left to lay and decay along the shoreline. Women are having their legs broken and their babies thrown in the river. Chances are these women are being raped and sexually abused too. Who knows how many of these children are abused, mentally, physically, sexually, and who knows how many of them just “disappear” trying to cross the boarder, but this is supposed to be a humanitarian effort, right?

Meanwhile, the cartels are getting literal tons and tons of drugs, namely meth and fentanyl, across the border while border patrol is distracted with the illegal crossings of those turning themselves in.

This administration is complicit in illegal human trafficking, illegal drug smuggling, and the violence and murders committed by the cartels, but this is OK, right? This is acceptable, right? Because it’s all in the name of a humanitarian effort.

Once these children are released into the interior of our country, where do they go? Well, some of them are put up in hotels on the taxpayers dime while our homeless veterans are still living in the streets. Is this OK? Is this acceptable?

There is a nonprofit organization in Washington state called “Friends of Youth”. They provide services and housing for homeless and foster children. This organization just evicted a family of six (two adults and four foster children) to make room for illegal migrant children. This family has foster children for over 20 years and has lived in this home for over 7 years. Upon their evection, one of the teenage foster children was taken to the emergency room for panic attacks and another teenage foster child ran away and has yet to return. Is this OK? Is this acceptable?

At least a dozen San Diego public (Government run) school teachers have volunteered to teach more than 500 illegal migrant children in a convention center IN PERSON. Meanwhile their regular every day American citizen children are still stuck at home virtual learning, while their parents are still paying 100% school taxes and illegal immigrants get a free education. These illegal immigrants have a covid positivity rate of at least 10%, and the registered school children in San Diego have a covid positivity rate of less than .01% and they are not allowed to have in person education. Is this OK? Is this acceptable?

The Democrats of this country are doing everything they can to turn us into a socialist country. They are bold, blatant, and laughing in our faces about it, literally. I pray that some of you “woke“ folk really do wake up to what’s really going on in this country. We need to put a stop to this and the only way we are going to do it is to ban together and be united. This administration promised transparency and unity but hasn’t delivered on either yet, and I highly doubt they ever will. The hypocrisy of the Democratic Party is unfathomable. 

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