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Change insurance guidelines to cover ALL preventative methods for diagnosed cancer patients

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Sonja Wagner, a 24 year old, three time cancer survivor, has been denied insurance coverage for a PET scan that can accurately locate any potential malignant tumor growth. During remission, Sonja goes in for regular scans to keep an eye on any new cancer growth within her body. Blue Cross of Florida, however, has deemed this scan "medically unnecessary" and will not provide her with the coverage she needs to get this potentially life-saving scan. After being told personally by her doctor that the PET scan is medically necessary, they decided to only approve a CT scan, which is nowhere near as accurate as a PET scan. A CT scan can come back clean even when there is cancer present. Early detection is the number one most important factor in beating cancer. Patients like Sonja should never be denied life-saving, preventative, methods for battling cancer. 

Insurance companies should not be allowed to deny patients the services they need in order to locate any potential new cancer growth, ESPECIALLY after being told by a doctor that the service is a medical necessity. Insurance companies will cover breast reduction surgery under the right circumstances and even provide full coverage to rehab for sex offenders, but turn around and deny the most accurate type of scan for detecting cancer to people who have previously been diagnosed. 

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