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Patrick Emory, President, Milford Board of Education: Take down racist Spanish-language signs in Milford school playgrounds

Recently, talk show host Dan Gaffney discovered that the playground at Lulu M. Ross Elementary School have signs in Spanish that, translated, read "You must have a permit to play on this field; violators will be subject to arrest." However, the English-language signs just above it merely say, "Parental or guardian supervision is required for the use of this equipment; play at your own risk."  Similar signs have been discovered at Mispillion Elementary School.

The difference between the two signs is far too great for this to be a good-faith mistake. The only plausible conclusion one can draw is that these signs are a deliberate attempt to intimidate Latino kids into not using the playgrounds. This is racist, outrageous, unacceptable, and a flagrant violation of both the Delaware and federal constitutions.

These Spanish-language signs must be taken down, and the people responsible for putting them up must be held to account.

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  • President, Milford Board of Education
    Patrick Emory
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    Mark Schanne
  • Recreation Superintendent, City of Milford
    Mary Betts

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