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End the strict blocking and unblock Spotify!

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Recently, the school filter has been down for a couple of days giving lots of kids freedom to do whatever they want on their computers. Despite this incident, still many kids decided to act with integrity. Although some kids did play games, the majority did not, showing that we are responsible and that we CAN and WILL act responsibly with looser filter settings. This is not a petition to unblock vulgar websites and such but to relax the filter so that we can have fun during our free time. Another reason to loosen the filter is that when students are working on projects some of the most influential websites are blocked... extending the time we spend working on a project.

GRACE students have also lost Spotify. Many students have either paid for Spotify Premium or do not have another way to listen to music. Music that gets released in the iTunes store is at its lowest price: $0.99. Many parents do not approve of their children spending this kind of money on music and Spotify is the obvious option to listen to music to focus on homework, study, or just relax. The GRACE filter is like a noose, tightening with everything that happens. Lots of students use music to study and with Spotify blocked and Youtube under heavy restriction there are not many options to listen to music.


This is precisely why we are demanding that that the restrictions be contracted


GRACE students please sign this petition for freedom

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