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Hwindis attacking women should be arrested and brought to justice.

Drivers and conductors (Hwindis) in Zimbabwe have been attacking women that they consider to be dressed inappropriately. It should not be the up to Hwindis to play judge, jury and executor on women's dressing and what standards are acceptable or not.

We have values and beliefs as a community and country, but it does not give any member of the public the right to abuse or attack someone. Individuals attacking women should be held accountable for their crimes and should not be allowed to justify it with mob mentality.

As long as nothing is done about it, these perpetrators of violence against women will continue to believe they have a right to impose their own brand of justice, when in fact they are just criminals who have been getting away with it for so long they think they are an authority.

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  • Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs of Zimbabwe
    Patrick Chinamasa

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